How Can I start my Facebook Page and Earn Money? 2024

 How Can I start my Facebook Page and Earn Money: Aside from social media functionality, Facebook also offers you an opportunity to monetize your Facebook page

Individuals, public figures, organizations, businesses, and so on use Facebook pages to build and grow their brands and audiences. 

The key property of earning money via your Facebook page is through its advertising funnels which also earn this juggernaut social media platform billions of revenue. 

This is by utilizing Facebook page features to promote affiliate links, advertise, sell products, and more.

However, there are policies you must meet for you to start earning money from your Facebook page. 

And, the first procedure you must start with is to set up a Facebook page which is also free and a straightforward process. Continue reading this article to find out how you can start a Facebook Page and earn money.

How Can I start my Facebook Page and Earn Money 2024
How Can I start my Facebook Page and Earn Money? 2024

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

You can create a Facebook page using either your smartphone or desktop and you must already have your own Facebook account. If you don’t have you can create one within a minute. To set up a Facebook page follow the guide below;

Open News Feed or the drop-down arrow on the toolbar at the top of the homepage.

Tap the menu and select “Pages”.

Choose the category of your Facebook Page. That is; Business or Brand or Community or Public Figure as your Page category.

After selecting the category, enter a Page Name > Category > Next.

Add an address and contact information to your Page, then click Continue.

Upload a profile picture and a cover photo for your Page. You may also skip this step if you like for later by selecting “Skip”.

Once you are done uploading both your profile and cover photo, you can go ahead and customize your page, invite the audience, and more.

What are the Requirements for Monetizing your Facebook Page?

Setting up a Facebook Page is not enough for you to start earning money from it. That’s because Facebook has monetization policy standards that are in place you must meet to start earning money. 

This also includes rules for the content you intend to publish on your page and how the content is shared. Below is a list of requirements for Facebook Page monetization eligibility status;

You must be 18 years of age and above.

You must adhere to Facebook’s three main sets of rules. That is; Facebook Community Standards, Partner Monetization Policies, and Content Monetization Policies.

Have 10,000 followers from fan subscriptions which are by invitation only, but not from your account profile.

You must comply with Facebook’s Branded Content Policies.

You must publish videos, links, and ads from a Page, not your account profile.

You must have 600,000 total minutes of view of video/in-stream ads in the last 60 days.

Your videos must be at least one minute long. If it is more than one minutes include a natural break at the one-minute mark.

Features to Monetize on your Facebook Page

Facebook offers a plethora of features you can use to monetize your Facebook Page. They include;

1) A Facebook Shop and Marketplace

Facebook is an e-commerce platform that offers a Shop and Marketplace tool. With these features, you can display and sell physical products to your audience on Facebook or in the local community. 

Better yet, you can also enhance both features using software like Shopify which allows you to create an online store and provide you with essential tools that are missing on Facebook. 

However, you must add a shop or Marketplace to your Facebook Page for your audience to access your physical products.

2) Call-to-action Button

You can also utilize the Call-to-action button on your Facebook Page to sell your services. 

For instance, if you are dealing with pest control service you can include your contact for your audience to book appointments and learn more about your services. 

In addition, you can also install apps to promote other organizations like gaming and more.

3) Brands Collabs Manager

Brands Collabs Manager is a Facebook tool that allows you to find paid partnerships and earn money by publishing sponsored posts and advertisements. 

With Brands Collabs Manager you can connect with advertisers or partners who are looking for influencers or content creators to promote and market their brands. 

Hence, from a single post, you can include ads and affiliate links to promote products and services and earn a sales commission. 

From this tool, you can become an influential creator and marketer provided you find paid partnerships like Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Fiverr, Flipkart, and more.

4) Chatbot

This feature works by automating marketing update interaction with your audience to optimize their engagement and scale giveaways. Thus, you can utilize it to promote referral and affiliate programs on your page to increase the marketing reach and sales of an organization. Then, in return, you earn money for promoting your brand by sending traffic to affiliate marketing sites. Or, more to the point, you can also scale your program and hire marketing partners.

5) Ad Breaks

Ad breaks are short videos included in a video to advertise and promote businesses/brands. Simply, earn money by including ad breaks on your Facebook videos or content that are at least three minutes long for.

6) Page Admin

Managing a high-traffic page or group is not as easy as you may think. Therefore, you can create a Page to help others manage their Facebook Page by assigning their duties to you and in return earn a living from it. For instance, you can decide to market yourself as a freelancer Facebook Page admin for websites or brands.

7) Fan Subscriptions

You can also create a Fan Subscription Facebook Page, to allow your audience to access your digital services directly from your page. Through your Fan Subscription page, you can set up recurring payments, and set special badges and rewards including discounts for your service plan packages based on certain period subscriptions.

8) Online Paid Events

You can earn money on your Facebook Page by hosting online events for business owners and individuals who are adapting their businesses online. From hosting their events you will collect payments from the guests they pay to attend provided you comply with Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies.

9) Instant Articles

You can also monetize your Facebook Page by creating quality content and active readership that are preferred by readers. However, you have to utilize this feature by including sponsored ads and affiliate links, referral programs, and, affiliate products and services in the content/article.

10) Benefits of Monetizing your Facebook Page

Monetizing your Facebook Page comes with lots of benefits including;

It enhances the interaction and awareness of your brand via content marketing which captures your audience’s attention and thus increases the number of prospects.

The sales conversion rate will increase due to the increased interest from the prospects which in the end progresses the sales funnel.

Once your page becomes your prospects’ interest, your page will continuously generate more leads. Thereby building your brand or the organization you are promoting and increasing the sales revenue.

Because your page will capture, generate and nurture prospects into customers they will become your business/page advocates. In return, this will make your brand become trustworthy and thus maintain the relationship with your audience.

Monetizing your Facebook Page is also a form of full-time employment and a source of income.

Since you can utilize Facebook’s Shop and Marketplace to sell your physical products, it cuts down the number of employees and eliminates the need and cost of renting a physical store.

It enhances your social media expertise because Facebook Page is a multifaceted digital property. This will offer you the opportunity to hire by listing your services as a freelance social media administrator or agency.

Pros and Cons of Monetizing Facebook Page


  • Facebook offers more unlimited monetization tools than other social media platforms.
  • It offers you more opportunities of getting more exposure to Facebook’s ecosystem.
  • Because of more exposure to Facebook’s ecosystem, the Facebook algorithm will recommend your video to all viewers and thus increasing your lead generation and conversion rate.
  • High traffic and improved shares from Facebook increase your social reach and network.
  • Facebook has a high uptime {speed} making it more efficient than websites.


  • Limited ads and affiliate marketing are delivered through Instant Articles. This reduces the income from this service.
  • Video time view and image display post reduction in the mobile display is not fruitful on Instant Articles.
  • You can lose shortcodes and customized settings when using Instant Articles.
  • Facebook does not offer widgets, custom codes, and forms to improve your content engagement and traffic.
  • Lots of repurposed content on Facebook Pages since creators have access to RIGHTS MANAGER of the original content.


Can I earn money using my Facebook Page?

Yes. You can earn money using your Facebook page by selling a physical product on Marketplace, collaborating with brands, hosting online-paid events, and publishing sponsored content and videos with affiliate marketing links, ad breaks, and in-stream ads.

Do I need to pay for my Facebook Page to start earning money?

No. Creating a Facebook Page is free and you can start earning money provided you meet the requirements and adhere to the Facebook Page policy we have listed above.


When using Facebook Page to earn money, you should focus on creating relevant content that focuses on the purpose of your page. 

This will help you generate more audience and get collaboration to promote brands thereby increasing your earnings. 

However, transparency is also critical when it comes to online marketing because violating Facebook’s three main sets of rules will attract legal action against you. 

You can be blocked from using Facebook permanently. You must also protect your content from being repurposed by customizing your Facebook Page features settings including security. 

For more, you can contact Facebook support for further assistance. Good luck!

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