How to Earn Money from Instagram in 2024

How to Earn Money from Instagram: Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms utilized globally by slightly over one billion users. 

This usually translates to a vast audience with which you can share your life captions and experiences or capitalize by promoting your business and generating additional income. 

As such, there are numerous strategies on how to earn money from Instagram, whether as a content creator or an influencer.

Instagram provides plenty of opportunities for any user willing to earn some money. Plus, you don’t always necessarily need a big following or be a mega-celebrity to earn. 

Reports indicate that even micro-influencers with a small following of as little as a thousand audience base still make decent money through Instagram. 

This, however, does not refute the significance and merits associated with a massive following and being a popular user, as these further add to overall potential income from the platform.

Nevertheless, despite the vastness of money-earning opportunities on Instagram, you will still need to fulfill some parameters to increase your chances and capacity for income generation. These include.

How to Earn Money from Instagram in 2024
How to Earn Money from Instagram in 2024

Overall Sway

It is important to remember always that earning from Instagram entails sharing your audience with other associated parties as a marketing ground. 

As such, most businesses out here will filter out users they transact with on the merits of the size of the audience they command and their overall influence over them.

A large audience would mean a large market base for the specific brands and, thus, ultimately, a more lucrative earning. The same goes for a smaller following with limited market space.

Interested Followers

Your account should also be very active in the sense that there is always consistent chatting back and forth on stories and posts. 

Limited engagement on your IG page could translate to unsatisfied followers who will be rarely obligated to buy anything you are selling or promoting.

Ways of Making Money from Instagram

After getting your Instagram account ready, you may then adopt any if not all of the following methods of earning money from Instagram. 

You can always do this by creating your business franchise or just as a content creator.

Brand and Sponsored Partnerships

This is the primary modality of cashing in through your Instagram account. As such, it is among the most utilized strategies by content creators worldwide to earn. 

Reports indicate that nearly three-quarters of influencers rely on brand partnerships as it potentiates a rich revenue source for any willing account holder.

Features and Benefits

This manner of earning from Instagram thus boasts several interesting traits qualifying it among the top. These include;

The strategy is usually simple and relatively easy to set up. For instance, all you would require is to create and grow your Instagram account, find appropriate brands, and essentially begin creating and sharing sponsored posts with your audience.

accomplishing these steps should allow you to earn some money from the profit distributions accumulated.

Subsequently, brand partnership posts should always be authentic and thus relatable to the audience. 

This is a significant feature to consider when formulating a brand partnership deal. Essentially, you should only go for the brands offering products/ services directly associated with your regular content and not just any brand.

This is significant in the long run as it maintains your audience’s interest by neglecting to betray their loyalties for quick money. 

For instance, betraying your health fitness audience by promoting products from other niches like dog health might erode audience trust, and impact loyalty, and engagement scales, eventually lowering influence and thus the ability to market.


  1. Flexibility on work location and time invested.
  2. Allows individuals to earn by embracing their passion
  3. There is a tremendous opportunity for partnerships with fantastic brands.
  4. You get to set trends through inspiration and influence
  5. Free or even paid invitations to brand events or products/services


  1. Demands for massive time investment to increase or maintain audience engagement
  2. Occasional bullying and trash talk from haters or competing brands.

Affiliate Marketing

This is another method used by a decent number of Instagram account holders to earn some money from the platform. Unlike sponsored posts, affiliates only get paid if their audience or other interested parties buy the product or service they are promoting.

Features and Benefits

Affiliate marketing on Instagram is slowly gaining traction as the platform offers conducive conditions for earning using the strategy. 

Therefore, it is a simple method entailing vigorous marketing of other people/brand products to create awareness and earn a sales commission. 

Individuals can often make more as affiliates, given that the payout is not constant but vary depending on the effort put in marketing and convincing your audience.

Subsequently, since Instagram does not allow links in posts, the steps involved usually require creating a trackable link or a unique promo code identifiable only to your profile. 

This should translate to income as per the agreed commission percentage. These links can be infused within the Instagram profile bio, stories, or even stickers to reach as many people as possible. 

This, coupled with a greater and more engaged audience, should guarantee high commissions and earnings through Instagram.

It is also important to maintain your niche of content posted to avoid losing any audiences who might feel betrayed if you try and promote a completely unrelated product. 

You can even expand your presence by connecting your IG page to other platforms like websites through a single link. This further increases the market space for your audience and possibly sales and high payout.


  1. Rich and lucrative revenue stream
  2. Low investment costs
  3. Zero expertise/qualifications required
  4. Convenient and flexible with regard to location and time
  5. Independent marketing with zero brand regulations
  6. Earn passively
  7. Performance-based earning


  1. There is fierce competition for market space from other affiliates
  2. No guarantee of pay unless a purchase is made
  3. Occasional affiliate link hijacking

Open an Instagram Shop

Instagram also launched a storefront feature, the Instagram shop, allowing associated individuals to easily buy and sell on the platform. You may even integrate your e-commerce store with your user profile to promote your products directly to your audience.

Features and Benefits

The entire process of facilitating the strategy is usually straightforward. 

All you would need is a genuine Instagram account to set up an Instagram shop where followers can easily peruse and buy their preferred products either directly through Instagram checkout or other avenues.

The Instagram shop also allows for easy customization of the page to facilitate page traffic and possibly increase sales. 

For instance, you could group your products in common theme categories like new arrivals, gifts, harsh weather solutions, and seasonal trends, among others. 

This, coupled with relevant product descriptions/information, should make navigation of the page easy and essentially increase earnings through boosted sales.


  1. Easy and free to set up and use
  2. Customizable to your preference
  3. No investment is required except for commissions on direct checkouts
  4. Flexible working location and time
  5. Independent earning
  6. Performance-based


  1. Requires significant time investment
  2. No payment guarantees unless your product is bought

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